Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Naruto Shippuden MY LITTLE RANT!

     This show first off is amazing!(: I am up to date with the manga as it comes out. I am not at up to date with the anime because I hate reading then watching it and sometimes the filler can get SO annoying. I have been watching Naruto since it came out in english on Cartoon Network. I fell in love with it then and I am still in love with it now.
     My favorite character from the first episode to now is Hinata, I don't care what anyone says. I think she is an amazing character. She doesn't have as hard of a backround as Naruto or Sasuke (ect.) but she has an amazing backround that was harder the Sakura and Ino's. I also believe she is amazingly strong mentaly and some-what physically. I mean she has been able to love Naruto and look at him from afar well she know he liked another girl! (spoiler coming up) Then well Naruto and Pain fought, many people watched most probally physically stronger that her. But she was the one who jumped in to help Naruto knowing that it could cost her, her life in the end. I think she is just an amazing person!


     Then they just KILL off some of the best characters I mean come one. Everytime someone died I was like in tears. Like come one they were AWESOME! How could he died. Then learning that Obito is alive, and behind it all. That madra was the one who saved him. That Kakashi might have killed Rin!?!?! How? What? WHO? This show is to fusterating, but good, but fusterating! It's gonna kill me I swear<3 But i love it!
 :) my little rant .... !

Monday, October 8, 2012

Vocie Actors (:

So ' I am like in love with anime. But I am also very interested in the people behind the voices. So at megacon 2012 I was able too meet some of the people and ever since then, I love too learn more about the people who do the voices behind my favorite animes and in my findings many of the same names pop up. Its amazing that all my favorite anime have alot of the same voice actors. Then I start too learn more about the voice actors and these people are truly amazing '(:

So here are some of my favorite voice actors.(not in order I don't have a order)

First up is Vic Mignogna, I meet him at Megacon 2012 (Sorry so blurry) But he voices many amazing characters like Ed from FMA, Zero in Vampire Knight & ect. When I meet him at Megacon he was just amazing. My older brother was like going crazy because he loves FMA (: We had him talk in Ed's voice and it was truly a honor meeting him.
Next up ' Is Todd Haberkorn(: Again I met him at Megacon 2012! He voices many characters like Natsu in Fairy Tail, Ling in FMA Brotherhood & Ect. This guy is awesome& I follow him on twitter & HE FAVORITED ONE OF MY TWEETS (lol) But I am so joining Team Haberkorn like later this week<3 I can't wait, he is an awesome guy and I hope to see him again.
Then here is Travis Willingham !(: Let me tell you one thing, this guys is like TALL! I mean I know I am short and all but he is for real tall. !(: He plays Roy Mustang in FMA, Ace in One Piece and more ! This guys was really cool when I meet him at Megacon ' 2012! He signed my brother's Roy Mustang gloves and was cool to talk too.
Next up is Chris Sabat (: Okay I mean does this guy need introduction.. He voices many AMAZING characters in Dragon Ball Z! This guy was like awsome to meet (my brother is in the pic.) We have him talk to himself in his different voices. Then I had him say "Its over 9000" Cause I mean how could you not have!!!(: I so want to meet him again<3
Well ' I am going to about Laura Bailey who is amazing voice actor && was a megacon 2012 and I sadly wasn't able to meet her /: But she does Tohru in Fruit Basket and Lust in FMA & of course many more. But I think she is an AMAZING voice actor. I would really really like to meet her some day.
Last but not least , Aaron Dismuke. Aaron is really young to be in the voice acting career and was very young when he did his most famous role as Al from FMA. Let me tell you something, I think Aaron is just amazing for his age at the time to play such an amazing role!(: I would LOVE too meet his someday! Also Aaron once wrote back to me on facebook! Just throwing that out there. LOL
Well thank you all for reading.!(: I am not sure when my next blog is coming out but what is will be about but I can promise you it will be out with the next week!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Slacking '

I have been slacking like crazy on this.. I am mean I pretty much don't watch anime no more ): I guess thats what happens when life gets hard huh? Well I aint gonna slack no more<3 Imma start watching&reading more anime because there is alot I want to read&watch but I haven't had anytime and its really sad /: So? Imma get caught up in it all. Maybe then people will start actually start reading my blog! Maybe I'll start posting anime videos on youtube? What do yall think? Imma start doing something because anime is my life. Later today or tomorrow, Imma talk about some amazing anime voice actors ' (: So ' I'll be back in a few!