Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Original Anime ♥

I started my anime at a young age with the Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh and digiom (: Some of the best anime's ever made. I love them ♥ Waking up sat. morning and watching them with my older brothers where the best (: The only time us too really ever got along. 

Dragon ball and Dragon ball Z, would have too be me my favorite anime when i was a kid♥ I have seen every episode and i am in the middle of watching most of the movies(: I can watch this show 10000000 times and it will never ever get old. Gohon, my favorite charter in this show♥ This is a part of my childhood, i love and never will let go.

Digiom would have too go next(: Ohh ' this show was amazing, me and sister and some of our close friends use too pretend we had digioms. It was soo funny. This show was amazing , the first two seasons(: The other ones are just wack. The first movie too this was just plain amazing♥ I have seen every single movie too the first too seasons♥ This is just plain amazing. And too this day when i am sad i pretend i have a digiom too talk too.

Pokemon would goo third on this list.  All the seasons after max and may, are just way too kid-ish. But the original Pokemon seasons are just amazing. Plain amazing ♥ I have at least 150 Pokemon cards maybe more (: This show i have seen every episode and most movies. There are so many i cant count (: This show goes on today with the main character witch i think is amazing. It is kid-ish but good. I still watch it every time a new episode comes out.

Last on my list, Yu-gi-oh. This show i have seen every episode out (: I still to this day play the card game ♥ Amazing, amazing. I collect the cards too this day. I have about 100 soo far. The show is amazing. I haven't seen any of the movies and that makes me sad. I wanna see the one that just came out the have the main charcters of all the seasons in it♥ Bonds of time , (i think) But anyways Yu-gi-Oh is amazing.

 These are my childhood anime , I started out young. These anime's are my classics and they will live on no matter how old i am . 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Anime (:

Well this is my space for my anime (: Well in this first blog i will talk about the two anime's i watch the most. 

 First i will talk about NARUTO SHIPPUDEN (: When i say amazing i mean amazing. I am have seen every episode so far. That has been release in japanesse. This show has made me laugh and cry. But the movies too this show doesn't match with the timeline of it is SO FUN♥ My favorite part of this show would have too be, When Naruto meets his momma (; Priceless, i swear.

 The anime i am in the middle of watching it One Piece. This show makes me wanna be a pirate for real. I am so far up to episode 112 of like 400? And more episodes are coming out. This show is so amazing. My second favorite season after Naruto . .
 I gotta goo i will talk more about these tomorrow.