Saturday, May 14, 2011

Anime (:

Well this is my space for my anime (: Well in this first blog i will talk about the two anime's i watch the most. 

 First i will talk about NARUTO SHIPPUDEN (: When i say amazing i mean amazing. I am have seen every episode so far. That has been release in japanesse. This show has made me laugh and cry. But the movies too this show doesn't match with the timeline of it is SO FUN♥ My favorite part of this show would have too be, When Naruto meets his momma (; Priceless, i swear.

 The anime i am in the middle of watching it One Piece. This show makes me wanna be a pirate for real. I am so far up to episode 112 of like 400? And more episodes are coming out. This show is so amazing. My second favorite season after Naruto . .
 I gotta goo i will talk more about these tomorrow.

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