Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten reasons I love ANIME♥

Top ten reasons I LOVE ANIME!

1. Out of this world.
Most anime, I watch are things the never happen in real life. Like ninja's, and super powers, magic and so so much more. This stuff if out of you world, that is what makes it amazing. .

2.I can lost for hours.
When I am watching anime , I can be lost in it for hours. It is a safe place for me, that no one else and can into and annoying. If I wanna hide from the world, I just sit and watch anime, everyone knows don't bother me. Cause I ain't gonna listen

3.My thing.
Anime is my thing, I have friends and family that watch it but no one is into it like lil old me. I am the only one who is an actual anime freak in my crowd. That is what I like , it is my thing♥ And it is good everyone has a thing. And i love mines.

4. Dragon Ball Z. .
Yes , yes , this is a show. But this is the reason and thing that got me in too anime there fourth , i love it! This is the reason i love anime ♥

5.Manga's (:
Another reason I like anime, is the books too them manga's♥ I love reading the manga's cause they are just, well amazing. Also no fillers (:

6.My best friend and I have something too talk about
My best friend, isn't in in to anime BUT she likes and watches some of it so we always have something too talk about when we get silent's. I am always giving her new anime's too watch, she is giving me anime too watch. Why we like anime and so on. .

7. Always give you something too do
It ALWAYS give me something too do because, I need too catch up on anime, watch a new episode, start a new season or start a new show or maybe even read a new a manga or look up when new episodes are coming out , or new books. Or if the library has a new anime movie or a new manga or even if it they have on I was looking for. There is so much , too do so it always gives me something too do.

8. Make me laugh  .
Most of the anime's I watch always makes me laugh and giggles. When I am sad , I watch an anime episode that I know will make me happy when I am sad.

9.Makes me cry
Is this weird? No no no it is not. I love that anime can actually make me cry. That's what i love about them, they make me laugh and cry bother♥

10.The shows .
This is a big one♥ The shows make me LOVE anime, they are funny crazy and so so much more .  I love anime cause the shows are plain amazing.

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