Sunday, March 25, 2012

Megacon ;

 In February I finally went to megacon! Right here in Orlando.I have been waiting to go for months and I was so happy when I got up that morning! I got ready as fast as I can to hurry up and just go. When I go their it was like Nerd galore. I couldn't believe how many people were dressed up in costumes and how many of the costumes were perfect and amazing with all the details. The whole day we walked around looking at different stuff.(I was with Brandon) We also meet some voice actors who are in some of my favorite animes. We also bought some stuff! I bought a mask and a Naruto bag. The next day we woke up and went again and again we walked around , but near the end we wen't too the Costume contest and I had some much fun♥ Costumes were amazing. The last day I brought My friend Gladys , and then my lil siblings Lizzy, Justin and JoJo the kids each got something and had so much fun. (: Well ya ; thats it.
My favorite costume(:

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