Sunday, July 31, 2011

An anime update♥


Wow ' it has been forever since I posted in here. This is just a simple update on my favorite anime. So here is a list of the ones i can remeber there are some that will take others out when i can think of the names (:

 1. Naruto & Naruto Shippuden 
 2. DragonBall Z
 3. One Piece 
 4 . Fruit Basket 
 5. Bleach
 6. Full Metal Alchemist 
 7. Peach Girl 
 8. Inyuashia 
 9. Bleach
 10.Fairy Tale 

 Those are my top ten i can think of . . . but i really can't think of the names of other anime , that would be on the list cause i haven't watched any anime in over a month /:

Right now I am currently at my older sisters, in Texas, where we can't watch videos or such till 1 am , I have trouble staying up unless I am actually watching anime. But when I get back home , the first week i have too get caught up on anime I was watching when I came here , and new anime if any good one has come out. When I get back, I will write reviews on Anime, talk about anime , and but up a new top ten every week to every other week on the way I watch anime. 

If you would like too send me a review on an anime you watch , or something about anime you would like people too see or even your own top ten list , and I will put up a blog with your review and name . So send me an email at with what you would like too be said♥ 

Well I should get going . . . 

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